Mavericks – How The Power Button Has Changed

Whenever I want to turn a Mac off, rather than moving the mouse up to the top left corner, selecting the Apple menu, selecting shutdown, then pressing shutdown again, I just touch the power button and the window below appears, then I hit enter.
Apple Mac Shut down Dialog

OS X Mavericks updates the power button behaviour on Mac computers

Well things have changed with Mavericks and it no longer works like that 🙁

Below is the way it works now, as pointed out in Apple’s post.

Using the Power Button to Sleep & Wake

Tap the power button in Mavericks to put your Mac to sleep or to wake it up:

Apple Mac Power Button
  • Tap the power button once to put your Mac to sleep.
  • Tap the power button again to wake your Mac.

Press the power button for less than a half a second to sleep or wake your Mac. This duration is similar to pressing the Space bar or Return key to wake your Mac. The power button works this way across all Macs using OS X Mavericks, including both notebook and desktop computers.


Accessing the Shut Down Dialog

Press and hold the power button for 1.5 seconds, to bring up additional options:

Apple Mac Shut down Dialog