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Apple Mac Technical Support in BrisbaneWho we are:Apple Certified Support Professional

Mac Smart is a team of certified support professionals who, combined with their passion for all things Apple, have years of experience in the IT industry. We are a personable, understanding group who like to relate to you, the customer, as much as we relate to the computer. We love nothing more than seeing the delight in a customer when everything ‘just works’.

What we do:

We provide Mac Technical Support. We are Apple support experts, committed to providing individuals and businesses with advice and service suitable to their size, needs and goals.

My On-Demand IT Department

Like most businesses in this fast moving ever changing world, we rely heavily on our IT systems to function efficiently in managing our off-shore business teams and processes to provide a level of service to our Australian clients.

When it comes to IT, we just want things to work and when they don't I personally find it extremely distracting and frustrating. It is great to know I can rely on the team at Mac Smart to troubleshoot anything that comes up in a fast and efficient manner.

It was great to have the Mac Smart team on hand when we transitioned from a PC based system to a Mac based system with their wealth of knowledge and experience with Apple products.

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Jason Moore | Managing Director
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What we believe:

Computers, mobile devices and other computer products should just work. You shouldn’t have to be tweaking, plugging and playing around just to get a simple piece of information. ¬†We believe that you should have all your devices seamlessly talking to one another, without you thinking about it, and all your stuff is right where you expect it to be all the time.

We believe in simplicity… simpler is usually better.

Our customers deserve the best, qualified advice to suit their size and needs. It’s important to us that we provide an excellent level of service.

Where we are:

We are based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We will provide onsite support to customers within a 2 hour radius from the Brisbane CBD. Remote support can be provided throughout the world.

Our customers:

Our customers vary from large corporations operating multiple Mac Servers, Virtualised Linux Servers and dozens of Mac clients, through to single home users with just an iMac and a printer. No customer is too small and none too large.

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