Email Signatures (or email footers)

It’s nice when you come across a great looking email signature. Some of them, admittedly, can be over the top, distracting and with too much information!

Why are email signatures important?

They affect the tone of every email you write. When they look professional, they can grab the reader’s attention and relay the important contact info (and more) through every email.

However, many make the mistake of presenting their email signature as a jpg (or other type of image) containing their contact information. Unfortunately, even though it’s easy to get the look you want, it’s not good practice. Here’s why:

  1. An image (jpg) is sent with every email as an attachment. Sometimes these are large attachments making emails unnecessarily large
  2. Some email systems will block these attachments making it unseen by the recipient
  3. Logos and social media icons etc. can’t be individually hyperlinked to their respective sites
  4. Phone numbers and web addresses are not able to be hyperlinked
  5. None of the information contained in the signature is readable except by human eyes. The drawbacks of this are…
    • The phone numbers, email addresses and street addresses cannot be clicked on to dial or email or navigate directly
      b. Some phones and computers read the information in the signature allowing them to updates contact cards. This can’t be done with a jpg image.

The solution to all this is to design an HTML signature. HTML is a computer language used on websites, telling the browser how the pages should look. Email uses this language too.

At Mac Smart, we can design and write the HTML code for your signature, to include your photo, your logo, social media icons, in any colour and any practical design to suit your tastes.

Checkout two of our designs on this page. We think they look pretty good. Yours could look even better!

Contact Mac Smart to see how we can create your HTML Signature and improve your email presentation.