Frequently Asked Questions

Mac Smart FAQs

Yes we do.

We love Macs and think they're amazing, but we've also got years of experience & qualifications with Windows and other Operating Systems too (e.g. Linux, Windows Server, DSM etc.). So we can support all the Microsoft issues too.

We also understand that sometimes you just have to use Windows for some applications. And although we don't understand it, we also accept that some people prefer Windows!

Yes we do.

Lot's of IT work can be done remotely, using apps like TeamViewer to work on your computers, but sometimes we just need to be physically touching the computer.

And sometimes our clients prefer to have a person there with them to help get through the issues.

So no matter if it's a house, an office, or in a secured high-rise apartment, we can come to you.

Yes, we love the one-on-one interaction with clients. We love to help the elderly and mums and dads who just can't be bothered with the details of how to get the computer working for them. Or even if you're a millennial struggling to get it going, we can help.

Yes, we work with many businesses as their Managed Service Provider (MSP). We can look at your entire system and peripherals and provide your business with a month to month cost for unlimited support and maintenance. This gives businesses peace of mind and makes budgeting so much easier.

The Apple Genius Bar is an amazing service provided in most Apple Stores scattered throughout the country.

However, you will have to take the computer in to them, which is difficult for an iMac or other larger machine. They will only look at the Apple related issues, not other software, peripherals, any networking issues, email, website, cybersecurity etc. etc. related to your IT life and business.

Mac Smart can support you remotely, or onsite. We can deal with every IT issue related to your personal or business world, not just the Apple problems. We will hold your hand if required throughout the process to complete resolution.

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