Did you know that your iPhone could actually SAVE YOUR LIFE?

Adding your medical ID to your iOS device could be a real life saver.

You’ve probably seen or used an app on your iPhone called the “Health” app. It counts your steps and tells you how far you’ve walked as well as the ability to track and monitor your health and activity. In amongst these great features there is a page called “Medical ID”. This page can hold a lot of important information that you might want a paramedic, doctor or first responder to know in case of an emergency and it can be accessed from your lock screen without a passcode.


To setup your Medical ID, open up the Health app and click on the Medical ID tab at the bottom right. Then either click on create medical ID or edit to see all of the available options. You can add all kinds of information to your Medical ID including, height, weight, medications that you take, medical conditions, blood type, allergies/reactions, emergency contacts (next of kin) and even organ donation preferences.

In case of an emergency the Medical ID can be accessed from the lock screen. When the screen comes up to enter a passcode, you can click on the word “Emergency”. This will display a phone keypad and down the bottom left there will be a button called “Medical ID”. This then displays your medical ID to any emergency personnel who might be attending to you and because the iPhone is the most popular phone in the world it should be familiar to anyone.

It doesn’t take long to setup your Medical ID and it could save your life, so why not set it up now?