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What is “The Cloud”?Mac Smart Cloud Computing Business Services

“The Cloud” refers to servers, networks, applications or services stored outside your own organisation. It could be a computer located in China, Sydney, Brisbane or even at your friend’s house. As long as it’s accessible on the Internet, it’s in the cloud. Usually these computers are sitting inside large buildings called Data Centres that have thousands and thousands of computers running and hosting clients’ data. So when we say your data is in the cloud, what we are really saying is that your data is on a computer somewhere in the world outside of your own premises.

Streamline your business operations

Sometimes, when it comes to managing your Digital world … emails, calendars, CRM, accounting, the list goes on, it’s far more economical to have the experts, who specialise in these things, manage the servers that contain and process all that information. Rather than hosting all these applications and data at your workplace or home, and constantly spending money or time on maintenance and upkeep, host them in the cloud, where the costs are low, predictable and you’re guaranteed uptime and reliability from anywhere in the world.

Mac Smart offers high quality cloud computing solutions with Google WorkspaceMicrosoft 365, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloud Server Hosting, cloud backups solutions and more. We can configure all of your business applications in a budget that will fit your needs accordingly. We can make your business apps more mobile and collaborative.

Why cloud?

  • Low ongoing monthly costs
  • Predictable and budgetable costs
  • Remove costly ongoing updates and maintenance fees
  • High availability, and 99.99% server up times for most cloud products
  • High security
  • Access information from anywhere
  • Fast access to your information from remote locations
Mac Smart Cloud Computing Solutions Brisbane  

We are industry experts in cloud-based solutions, so you know that your data will be implemented correctly and with minimal downtime. Mac Smart guarantees that you get the best support with any problems you may have regarding your cloud services.

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Google Workspace support in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Microsoft 365 Support in Australia Amazon Web Services (AWS) support in Gold Coast