Got a bad touch screen on your iPhone 6+ or experiencing unexpected shutdowns on your iPhone 6s?

Special Apple repair and replacement programs may provide some help.

At Mac Smart we believe that Apple have produced some of the best technological devices. However, sometimes errors occur and the rare occasion can occur where a faulty component makes it into the production line.

But there is no need to worry. Apple stands behind its devices through the Exchange and Repair Extension Programs initiative which helps to ensure customers are able to receive assistance with resolving these issues.

Click here to find the list of programs on Apple’s website.

Even if your Apple devices are working fine it is a good idea to check the exchange and repair site occasionally to see if any new programs have been added or confirm whether one of your Apple devices maybe subject to a recall, repair or replacement.

If your Apple device isn’t subject to a recall, repair or replacement and isn’t functioning normally – Contact Mac Smart today on 1300 622 762