Is your iPhone or iPad running out of storage space?

When iOS11 is released later this year it will make it easier to avoid seeing the “Storage Almost Full” message.

When you run out of storage space on your iPhone or iPad it slows down your device and can make it impossible to download files, take pictures and perform other tasks.

Apple has announced several features in iOS11 that will help free up space on your iOS device. Here’s a quick look at some of the useful features and how you can take advantage of these.

  • Offload unused apps
    • This deletes the app but it keeps the data within the app so that you can restore it later from the App Store
      • To enable it, go to Settings > iTunes and App Stores and enable Offload Unused Apps
  • Storage management recommendations
    • This section will offer recommendations to free up space by using the iCloud photo library, clearing out the “Recently Deleted” photo album, Auto deleting old conversations, Reviewing videos that are hogging storage space and suggest to upload all messages to iCloud
      • To access it go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage
  • HEIF Image Format
    • When you take photos on your iOS11 device it will automatically use a new picture format called, HEIF. This offers better image quality than JPEG and HEIF images are about half the size of JPEGs.
  • Double the iCloud storage at the same price
    • iCloud users get 5GB of free storage space but a lot of people especially in iOS11 will notice this just isn’t enough space for growing demand on iCloud storage. So Apple has doubled the highest iCloud storage plan from 1TB to 2TB for the same price. Unfortunately, lower level plans will remain the same however, multiple users can share iCloud storage with Family Sharing in iOS11 and Mac OS High Sierra