iPad 4 Help and Technical Support: Tips and Guidance

If you’re like most Apple-product owners, you place a high value on the entertainment and productivity value you experience from your iPad 4. Don’t let constant technical issues take away from your enjoyment. Our team at Mac Smart wants you to get the most out of your iPad 4. We have the experience and tools necessary to make your iPad 4 the reliable high-performing device you need.

Apple iPad 3 Technical Support Brisbane

While our staff is always glad to help with any iPad 4 help and technical support from our offices in Brisbane, these tips might get you through until you have time to contact us:

  • Although it may seem simple, sometimes a simple reboot can solve more problems with your iPad4 than any other troubleshooting step or application. Rebooting can help improve performance speed and solve app issues. Unfortunately, many people confuse the “Suspend Mode” for a true reboot. To reboot your iPad 4, just press and hold the main “Sleep/Wake” button until you see a prompt and slider appear on your screen. Follow the prompt and wait as your screen goes blank. After a few seconds, press and hold your “Sleep/Wake” button again until the Apple logo appears. Your custom home screen will load shortly.
  • If you type a lot of emails on your iPad 4, it is very helpful to know the shortcuts and auto-correct functions on the device. One simple time saving function is the automatic apostrophe. When typing contractions such as “wasn’t” or “didn’t” you can skip the apostrophe. Your iPad 4 will automatically add it after you hit the space bar.
  • If your children use your iPad 4 from time to time, you probably already know about “In-App Purchases.” These purchases can turn a “free” game or other application into a costly expense amounting to a lot of money over time. To fix this common problem, enable your parental controls in your iPad 4 settings menu. Once enabled, the parental controls menu will present an “on/off” option for “In-App Purchases.”
  • Nothing is more frustrating than a dead iPad 4 battery when you need it. Get the most out of your battery life by turning down your display brightness. Go to your “Settings” menu choose “Brightness & Wallpaper.” As you move the slider to the left your screen will dim. The brighter your display, the more battery power you will use.

For more complex iPad 4 help and technical support, feel free to give us a call or email. Our team will be happy to solve any technical issue that is slowing you down. From initial set-up to apps, syncing and more, Mac Smart can help you get the most out of your iPad 4.

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