Apple Computer Technical Assistance and Support

Everyone usually loves their Apple computer products. They are easy to understand and work well most of the time, but when there is a problem, getting technical assistance and support from Mac Smart is your best option. Whether you use you an Apple computer for business or personal enjoyment, our professional team is ready to help! We understand that you rely on your Apple computer and love the opportunity to help you fix your technical issues.

Apple Computer Technical Assistance & Support Brisbane

Common Issues Solved

Mac Smart is happy to meet any of your Apple computer technical support needs, but if you’re having one of these common problems, you may be able to fix them right away by reading more!

  • Forgotten Password – If you’re having trouble logging in to your Apple computer, the first step is to carefully retype your password a few times to ensure that you’re not simply mistyping it. If this doesn’t work, you have options depending on the age of your Mac.
    • Pre Lion (10.7)
      • find your original installation disk and insert it into your Apple computer. Hold down the C button to restart your computer. Choose your language of choice and select Utilities – Reset Password in the menu bar. Just follow the directions from there!
    • Lion and above
      • Restart your Mac and before the chime sounds, hold down ?R to boot from the Recovery Partition. When the menu appears, select the Utilities from the top menu and select Terminal. Type resetpassword, followed by the Return key. It’s that simple!
  • Devices/USB Port Recognition Problem – We know it can be frustrating when your Apple computer is not recognizing your plugged-in devices. Before doing anything else, reboot (restart) your computer. It’s amazing that rebooting the computer solves so many problems and should be the first thing you do with most issues. If that doesn’t work, try updating your operating system by checking the Software Update and Apple Support downloads page.

Mac IT Support

Although we provide an array of different technical assistance and support services for Apple and Windows computers, Mac IT support is our most popular service. We deal with the MacBook, Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro Server and more. Whether you run a large business or a small household, Mac Smart is ready to solve your IT issues. Our experienced team provides Mac IT support, maintenance and troubleshooting as well as computer, server and networking installations. We also help customers with general troubleshooting, VPN configuration, resource sharing service, mobile device management, backups and data recovery.

For businesses, our domain hosting, mail and internet-based support are unmatched. Our experts can provide imaging SOE deployments and ensure the efficiency of your system through various techniques. We can also keep all of your computers up-to-date with upgrades without shutting them down during the workday.

If you’re running into another Apple computer technical issue, please contact us for help!