iPhone Help and Technical Support: Common Issues

Although the iPhone from Apple is a proven device with good performance, there can still be issues. As with any technological device, there will always be problems. If you don’t know how to fix those problems or just can’t seem to get your iPhone to function like you want it to, don’t stress about it too much. Mac Smart helps many people just like you with common iPhone issues like these.

Email issues for the iPhone

Email may be one of the main reasons you bought your iPhone in the first place. When working properly, the email function of the iPhone is user-friendly and effective; however, many have a lot of trouble getting their email to work correctly.

One of the most common problems I see with email, not just on the iPhone, is that the email is not synchronised with their computer and other devices. The man cause of this is that the mail account is set up using POP instead of IMAP. With POP, the emails are just downloaded to the phone, but when they are read and/or deleted, that information is not sent to any other devices or computers. So, when you have read all your emails on the phone, and then get to your computer, there they are all over again for you to delete. IMAP on the other hand, synchronises between devices, so when deleted on the iPhone, it’s deleted on the computer, and vice versa.

If setup and configured well, the iPhone can be an invaluable tool and joy to use, especially if you use Mac Smart in Brisbane for your technical support.

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