iPhone 5 Help and Technical Support: Common Issues

Within the first three days of its release, Apple had already sold around 5 million iPhone 5s. This massive initial success serves as a testament to the trust consumers have in Apple and its iPhone products. Unfortunately, it does not mean that the iPhone 5 is without any issues. If you’re having trouble with any of the functions on your iPhone, you’re not alone. Our team at Mac Smart enjoys helping people with all kinds of iPhone 5 technical issues and general questions.


Apps: Apple Maps for the iPhone 5

The days of Google and Apple working with each other are officially over. With the introduction of the iPhone 5, Apple stopped offering Google Maps as the official default and instead replaced it with their self-developed Maps application. Many users have experienced bugs within the app and have noted inaccuracies in the navigation system. For some places, the data is simply inaccurate.

Since most users we’re already so familiar with the features of the Google Maps applications, it is no wonder that there were complaints with the lack of these features in Apple’s Maps application. While there is no simple way to fix the Maps app, you do have some options. You can use the internet browser to access Google Maps by going to maps.google.com, or you can download the new Google Maps app.

Wi-Fi Connectivity iPhone 5

Your iPhone 5 should be able to connect to any open Wi-Fi network whenever you need it, but some users have reported issues with this function. In some cases, the device simply won’t connect to Wi-Fi at all or drops the connection entirely. In other cases, the signal strength is very low even when standing by the router. Rebooting your iPhone 5 can sometimes help solve the problem, but it isn’t a permanent fix.

Since the problem became well-known, Apple has worked to fix the issue through software updates. By downloading the most current software version, most users are now able to connect to Wi-Fi properly. If you’re still experiencing issues with Wi-Fi connectivity, give Mac Smart a call or consider getting a replacement from Apple.

Camera issues iPhone 5

Although the camera on the iPhone 5 is one of the best ever introduced in the mobile phone industry, some users have reported a distinctive purple glare on photos. This problem is most prominent when a strong light source is just out-of-scene. Many experts believe that this is simply a flare effect caused by strong edges and brightness within photographs. Apple recommends moving the positioning of your camera so that the bright light enters the scene or shielding camera lens with your hand. Call Mac Smart with any questions!

These common issues can stop you from getting the most out of your iPhone 5. The team of professionals at Mac Smart in Brisbane want to help. Email or give us a call to let us help!

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