Stop all those red numbers showing up on your iOS device

Now I’m the type of person who likes clean and uncluttered. So for me to look at my iPhone and see a mail app showing 4396 unread messages is torture. In fact, even with 1 message I am forced to look at it and either delete it or file it for later. Same goes for Facebook, twitter and every other app I have.

Apple iPhone App Badges


Many people I work with often have thousands of unread and unattended notifications that they will never attend to. So for most of these people, and maybe you also, those numbers are just an annoyance and clutter to your screen. So here’s how to get rid of them!

Open Settings and scroll down to select Notification Center. Then find the app you are wanting to remove the badges for (mail in this example). Select the app and turn off the ‘Badge App Icon’ switch.

Apple iPhone Notification Center

Do this for as many (or all) of your apps as you want and clean up your screen a bit. Make sure to check your emails though, you might miss something important!