iMac and Mac OS X Technical Support: Tips and Guidance

Whether you just bought your first Mac or are one of Apple’s loyal followers, you need your computer to perform as efficiently and reliably as possible. At Mac Smart, we love helping you get the most out of your Apple investment. Our experienced staff can handle any iMac and Mac OS X technical support or guidance you need.

iMac and Mac OS X Technical Support Brisbane

If you’d like to try some tips and troubleshooting before contacting us, start with some of these great tips:

Although you can still use your iMac without them, shortcuts save you a lot of time on the Mac OS X platform. If you’re just switching from a Windows-based computer, it can be a challenge to adapt. Try some of these useful shortcuts to get started!

o   Command + ‘ : Shuffles application windows

o   Command + Tab : Switches through different applications

o   Option + Shift + Command + Space : Opens a menu for file searching

o   Command + H : Hides your current window

o   Option + Shift + Command + V : Allows you to paste unformatted text

  • Some people really enjoy the Mac OS X Dashboard, but if it isn’t your thing, it’s actually pretty easy to turn off. Just open your Terminal application and type “defaults write mcx-disabled –boolean true” and hit enter. You can then re-launch your dock by typing “killall Dock” and your dashboard will never bother you again.
  • If you ever feel like your iMac is running slowly, you can give us a call at Mac Smart or, if you’d rather handle it on your own, there is a helpful app called “Activity Monitor” that lets you see what is going on with your computer. This app is located in the “Utilities” folder. It offers columns of usage data for individual processes and tells you how much memory your iMac is using. Once you find an app that is causing problems or taking up to much space, just click on the “Quit Process” button to shut the app down.
  • If you use your iMac at the office and fight for valuable printer resources with your colleagues, you can actually tell your iMac to print to the next available printer on your network. Go to “System Preferences” and click on “Printers and Scanners.” Choose which printers that you want your iMac to pick from so that, the next time you need to print something, you can simple select a printer from the pop-up menu.

For technical problems and more in-depth iMac 4 help in Brisbane, please call us email us. Mac Smart takes pride in making your life easier and helping you get the most out of your iMac and Mac OS X technology.

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