iPad Help and Technical Support: Tips and Guidance

Although your iPad should always represent a great tool for both productivity and entertainment, technical problems can render it almost useless. Mac Smart believes that your iPad should work properly anytime and anywhere.

Apple iPad Help & Technical Support Brisbane

Our professional and personable staff are ready to help you with any of your iPad technical support needs, but to make it easier on you, read a few of these tips to see if they answer your question:

  • Did you know that everyone in your home can share music from the library on your computer? Just turn on “Home Sharing” in iTunes and go to “Settings” – “Music/Video” on your iPad to enter your Apple ID. Launch the Music or Video app on your iPad and press the “More” button at the bottom. There should be a little house symbol that says “Shared” next to it. Press that button and then on one of the “Shared” libraries. It should only be a few seconds before you’re listening to all of your Library’s media.
  • Those messages asking you to join Wi-Fi networks all the time can get annoying. To turn them off, go to “Settings” – “Wi-Fi” and turn “Ask to Join Networks” off. You can still join networks when you need to, but now it won’t pop up and annoy you.
  • To avoid those embarrassing moments when you forget to turn your iPad volume down before a meeting, just hold down the “Volume-Down” button for a second. This is much faster than fumbling unlocking the device and then manually turning down the volume.

For more complex iPad help and technical support, give us a call or email. There is no iPad technical issue that we can’t fix. From setup problems to syncing and app issues and more, Mac Smart- Apple Mac technical support gives you the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained iPad.